Family owned and operated, with over 30 years experience, your local choice for computer related services.

We want you to be successful ! Providing you the best computer related services, to assist you in providing the best quality and service to your customers / clients . We do not want to be a burden or just another monthly bill. We are here for you. We truly are YOUR I.T. department ! Call us 774-321-5088

Our Staff…

Michael Burns

The computer repair guy.

Over 30 years experience.

All started back in the day when I was about 11 maybe 12 and the old Worcester airport was upgrading their computer system and tossed out the old equipment, I couldn’t resist. Watching all those sci fi shows with my Dad set my imagination on fire with what can be done with the technology.

To my parents dismay I dragged all the junk home to Millbury St. and got it up and running. The machines were totally useless but working. Absolutely thrilled I began experimenting and learning more and more. Reading everything I could, hanging out in the computer stores till they tossed me out. Then attending Baypath and learning about the electronics of it all. I have been repairing and building since then.

Working with various business and residential clients over the years, I have come to understand that it is more about building relationships that assist one an other to succeed, then it is about me earning money. With us it is all about the client. When the client earns a profit and their system is more reliable, then I succeed and our overall profit increases.

From DOS, to Windows 1.0, now Windows 10, and opensource operating systems, I am here to assist you.

Owner and CEO of Burnznet Computer Services


Steven Burns

Steven Burns – Technician

The other computer repair guy.

As a student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, I’ve been helping Michael for the past few years to add to my technician skill set. With the knowledge I’ve gained from the schooling I’ve had so far and the experience I’ve had consulting with my father, I am here to assist you.

Rebecca Burns – Administrative assistant

Ryan Burns – Sales and Marketing

Dexter – Security